lash extension
Eyelash  extensions
Eyelash extensions have become a beauty secret to women of all ages bringing youth,radiance and freshness.The technique allows to put natural extensions to each eyelash,and respect the natural eyelash.When it is well done does not damage the natural eyelash.I use profesional products,high quality eyelash.I will help you to determine what curl,shape or lenght suit better for you.
Application:the procedure is relaxing and confortable,maintaining a high standard of hygiene.After getting your lashes done,you will notice a change in your beauty routine.
lash care
- do not get them wet for 24 hours
- do not use oil based products(make up remover moisturizer,cleanser,sunscreen)use only products of non oily,non creamy formulas to remove eye make up.
- avoid rubbing the eyes,sleeping face down,using mascara is not recommended.
  • eyelash extensions:1D,2D,3D,
  • semipermanent nails, manicure
  • wash and blowdry,
  • curls,
  • dye hair